The Public is Invited to Run 5 km through the Royal Ontario Museum!
Genie Award winning Filmmaker Makes a Movie in the Museum - on the Run

Saturday May 12, 2007
Royal Ontario Museum

100 Queen’s Park, Toronto
at 9:30AM | Run at 10:00AM
Register at
Limited numbers! Run with it! Register pronto!

Toronto - Experience the thrill and exhilaration of radically redefining a relationship with public art!
Move through the Royal Ontario Museum’s (ROM) galleries and be a part of THE MOVEMENT MOVEMENT:
, running the world‘s art institutions, one kilometer at a time.

THE MOVEMENT MOVEMENT collaboration between artist / curator Jessica Rose and dancer / choreo-
grapher Jenn Goodwin, is a public art project on the run that invites people to participate in a social movement. RUN THE ROM is a choreographed movement through public space that mobilizes participants to run with art!

This moving sculpture at The ROM is made up of an art class from a high school outside of the city’s centre,
a group of athletes from the running community, artists and administrators, museum patrons, THE MOVEMENT MOVEMENT mailing list, and members of the public with running shoes on. It is the vanguard of event-based art: "Running an institution with a hundred plus people is an architectural intevention - a celebration. It is a recreational form of subversion and an expression of civic engagement." Running indoors requires participants to break one
of the fundamental rules on how we behave in public institutions. Remember the first regulation of elementary school? NO RUNNING! in the hallway. This playful transgression breaks down social barriers.
Temporarily, people and place come together in an unexpected way to run an institution.

Running alongside the performance is Genie Award winning filmmaker and President of Mercury Films
Nick de Pencier
(Manufactured Landscapes; Streetcar; The True Meaning of Pictures; Let It Come Down:
The Life of Paul Bowles), who is directing RUN THE ROM, a film that places the viewer among a choreographed crowd formed by hundreds of runners as they move through the ROM’s galleries. The resulting film is a taboo-smashing artifact that moves the viewer with a supremely kinetic experience of a large public art institution.
Project collaborators also include Sound artist Lewis Kaye and Photographer Dean Baldwin.

THE MOVEMENT MOVEMENT formed in 2006 as part of a movement of new genre public artists.
It situates art in activity to activate the public sphere and mobilize social change. Highlights from THE MOVEMENT MOVEMENT first season include running the Museum of Canadian Contemporary Art for 8 kilometers on a Sunday morning for a total of 117 laps; running The Theatre Centre in 5 kilometers during the Director’s announcement
of its move; and running City Hall during lunch break with members of the public, twice.

MOVEMENT makes art made by running - from paintings made by running on giant canvas in art galleries to sound tracks made on the run inside museums. By running around THE MOVEMENT MOVEMENT makes videos, sound art, photographs, sculpture, land art, installations, performance, and dance. Editions of
THE MOVEMENT MOVEMENT buttons, posters, CDs, sculptures, awards and ribbons can be purchased at Paul Petro Small Works and Multiples. Selected exhibitions include: Yearbook at SPIN Gallery,
Run TAAFI at the Toronto Alternative Art Fair International and Run Paul Run at Paul Petro. THE MOVEMENT MOVEMENT is part of The Gladstone Hotel’s permanent art collection.

The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) is an agency of the Government of Ontario. Created in 1912, it is Canada’s largest museum of natural history and world cultures, with six million objects in its collections and galleries showcasing art, archaeology and natural science.

THE MOVEMENT MOVEMENT is a movement about movement.
THE MOVEMENT MOVEMENT is an art movement.
THE MOVEMENT MOVEMENT runs with art by running art institutions.
THE MOVEMENT MOVEMENT is Jenn Goodwin, Jessica Rose and You.

Run the ROM is supported by the Toronto Arts Council.
Run the ROM film is produced by
Mercury Films and Funded with a grant from CHUM Television's Bravo!FACT (Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent).

Cat*PR - Catherine Fawcett - 647-895-4310 |

Jessica Rose - 416-536-1537
Jenn Goodwin - 416-893-4898 |

ROM Media Contact:
Francisco Alvarez - 416-586-5558 |



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