5 Kilometers

Nick de Pencier

The film is a taboo-smashing artifact that places the audience in the stampede
of runners to experience the thrill and exhilaration of radically redefining a relationship
with public art. A cavalcade of suits of medieval armour, Egyptian mummies, Etruscan
pottery on plinths, and the like streams by the runners, the vitality of their speed and life-force infusing these otherwise staid objects in a public institution. Augmented by an aural universe
of the echoing insistence of pounding feet on gallery floors and the laboured breathing
of the human machine at work, the film charts the progress of the runners to underscore
the breadth and extent of their accomplishment. It is the vanguard of event-based art.


5 Kilometers

Jessica Rose
Video, 25 minutes

A site-specific land sculpture made by running 100 lines. A line forms over time in the land behind the artist’s studio building by running the property owned by condominium developers.


6 Kilometers

Jessica Rose
Video, 27 minutes

A Land Triangle Made By Running is a site-specific land sculpture in an industrial landscape made by running six kilometers on a bulldozed property owned by condo developers. A triangle forms over time in the ‘West Queen West Land Triangle’ adjacent to the artist’s studio on one of the former sites of the John Abell Factory (circa 1880). By running the developers’ property, the artist temporarily gets ‘run of the land’.

The fixed camera frames the labours of the artist in the centre of the changing industrial landscape. Running back and forth, towards and away from the camera, the artist makes marks in the muddy soil with the strength of her stride. Noisy speeding trains cut across the horizon heightening the momentum of the runner. Looming next to a majestic factory in the distance, rows of townhouses creep into the frame foreshadowing the future of the site.

The artist’s impact on the land is minimal in contrast to that of the developers. By using a simple film technique, borrowing from Richard Long’s walking works, the illusion of a triangle forms. The camera positioned at a low angle forces the perspective of a straight line to appear in the form of a triangle.

The artist, one half of The Movement Movement, trespassed to make this temporary public artwork on a Sunday morning in mid September 2006. A departure from works performed by The Movement Movement, this running activity occurs on private property and is an active protest to running the existing community off the land in order to erect a series of condominiums.