5 Kilometers

The Movement Movement
Social Sculpture

Run The Royal Ontario Museum: A choreographed crowd formed by hundreds of runners
moves through the museum’s galleries alongside its 6 million artifacts. This moving sculpture
is made up of: an art class from a high school outside of the city’s centre, a group of athletes
from the running community, kids from the Regent Park area through Toronto Housing,
a community of artists and art administrators, museum patrons, The Movement Movement’s
mailing list, and members of the public who showed up with running shoes on. 

Run of the Royal Ontario Museum
in May 2007 is an orchestrated situation or set of conditions
in which impromptu community can form in the museum. One condition involves mobilizing people,
the central material of the work. Prior workshops rehearse various groups that unite in the museum to participate in the movement through public space: a choreographed sculpture made by running the institution. Running indoors is a second condition, as it requires participants to break one
of the fundamental rules on how we behave in public institutions. Remember that first regulation
of elementary school: “NO RUNNING in the hallways!” This playful transgression breaks down social barriers allowing new relationship to form. Temporarily, people and place come together
in an unexpected way.
IMAGE CREDIT: Nick de Pencier
COPYRIGHT: The Movement Movement

10 Kilometers

The Movement Movement
Social Sculpture

Run City Hall: A public project invited citizens and civil servants to Run City Hall during
the ‘TO Live with Culture’ campaign. Over the lunch break, participants ran public art by running
152 circles around Henry Moore’s The Archer, and on City Hall’s podium roof, a civic space
closed to the public since the 1980s.
IMAGE CREDIT: Miklos Legrady
COPYRIGHT: The Movement Movement

5 Kilometers

The Movement Movement
Social Sculpture
August 2006

Run The Line: Public Run of the 48 Abell Street artist building before it’s too late: The Movement Movement’s peaceful run-in to save the building from demolition occurred on August 29 at 7pm
for the duration of 5 kilometers.