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Artist Statement

The Movement Movement mobilizes hundreds of participants to run art institutions around the world (Museum of Canadian Contemporary Art, 2006; Royal Ontario Museum, 2007; and Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, 2008). The Movement Movement performs a usual activity, running, in an unlikely place: a museum. The result is temporary and participatory public art that runs alongside a museum’s permanent collection.The performance is an orchestrated situation or set of conditions for impromptu community to form within a public institution. One condition involves mobilizing hundreds of individuals and social groups to congregate in a museum and participate in a choreographed sculpture. Running indoors is a second condition. It requires participants to break one of the fundamental rules of how we behave in the public sphere. Remember that first regulation of elementary school? “NO RUNNING in the hallway!” This playful transgression performed together breaks down social barriers allowing new relationships to form. People and place come together in an unexpected way to run an institution. The third condition is the symbolic bestowal of the museum to The Movement Movement, from the initial moment of gaining permission to run the museum to working with the museum and its staff for months in advance. By being granted agency, the audience radically redefines its relationship with the institution and exercises a new one by literally running the museum. Here, social change is not only imagined but put into practice: if we can run a museum together what else can we run as a social body?


Exhibition History

Solo Presentations
TBA, M:ST Performance Art Festival, Alberta, 2008
Run the ACCA, Australia Centre for Contemporary Art, Australia, 2008
Run the AGM and Blackwood Gallery, Art Gallery of Mississauga and Blackwood
Gallery, Canada, 2007
Run the ROM, Royal Ontario Museum, Canada, 2007
Run Paul Run, Paul Petro Contemporary Art, Canada, 2007 (Solo Show)
Run TAAFI, Toronto Alternative Art Fair International curated by Pamila Mathuru,
Canada, 2006
Run City Hall, Toronto City Hall, Canada, 2006
Run the MOCCA, Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Canada, 2006
Run the Theatre Centre, The Theatre Centre, Canada, 2006

Group Exhibitions
Unsheltered Workshops curated by Jeff Khan, Victoria College of Art Margaret Lawrence Gallery,Melbourne, Australia, 2008
Creative Activism, Toronto Free Gallery curated by Heather Haines, 2008
Flux Factory Group Show curated by Chen Tamir, Flux Factory, New York, USA
The Love/Hate Show curated by David Liss, Museum of Canadian Contemporary Art,
Canada, 2007
Yearbook curated by Juno Youn, SPIN Gallery, Canada, 2006

Unsheltered Workshops, Next Wave, Melbourne, Australia, 2008

The Museum Stage, Fine Arts Graduate Dept, York University, 2008
Closer Together, Key Note Speaker, Next Wave, Melbourne, Australia, 2008
En Route: Displacement in Artistic Practice, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Canada, 2007

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Emerging, Visual Arts Grant, Toronto Arts Council, 2007
BravoFact Production Grant, Bravo, 2007
Project Grant: Visual Arts, Toronto Arts Council, 2006