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A collaboration between artist / curator Jessica Rose and dancer / choreographer Jenn Goodwin,The Movement Movement formed in May 2006. The Movement Movement is a public art project on the run inviting people to participate in a social movement to run the world’s art institutions, one kilometer at a time. From performances to public events to exhibitions, The Movement Movement is a running narrative mobilizing participants to ‘Run with Art’.The Movement Movement situates art-in-activity to activate the public sphere and mobilize social change. The Movement Movement choreographs performances, scores happenings, orche-strates social sculptures, and runs participatory exhibitions. By running around we make videos, sound art, photographs, sculpture, land art, installations, performance and dance.

The Movement Movement ran the Museum of Canadian Contemporary Art in 117 laps on a Sunday morning; running The Theatre Centre in 5 kilometers during the Director’s announcement of its move; and ran City Hall during lunch break with members of the public, twice. The Movement Movement makes art made by running: land sculptures made by running 6 kilometers, a painting made by running 5 km live in a gallery and sound tracks made by running. The Movement Movement produces artist multiples including editions of buttons, posters, CDs, and small sculptures. Selected exhibitions include: MOCCA, SPIN Gallery, Paul Petro Contemporary Art and the Toronto Alternative Art Fair International. The Movement Movement is part of The Gladstone Hotel’s permanent art collection.

The Movement Movement ran the Royal Ontario Museum with 300 members of the public supported by the Toronto Arts Council and Bravofact, mobilizing crowds formed by hundreds of runners to move through the museum’s galleries alongside its collections. This large-scale event invited Canadians to participate in a choreographed movement through public space as part of a running narrative.  Additional collaborators to The Movement Movement include Lewis Kaye (sound), Dean Baldwin (photography) and Genie Award winning filmmaker Nick de Pencier, who directed a film about the ROM run. The Movement Movement ran the Art Gallery of Mississauga and Blackwood Gallery as part of a marathon across Ontario connecting through movement the province’s public galleries. The Movement Movement looks forward to running the ACCA in Melbourne, Australia.

IMAGE: Jessica Rose
Jessica Rose is a Toronto-based artist, curator, designer and social activist who loves her neighbourhood, and runs it regularly. Since graduating with a BFA from Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design (2003), you may find her boxedin a hotel roomfor 100 hours, orchestrating funerals for buildings on Queen Street, getting married at her art openings and running around inside museums. An artist/curator who works with public space and social change, she choreographs situations in which impromptu community forms, allowing new relationships occur between people and place in the public sphere. She is one half of the collaboration 'The Movement Movement' with Canadian dancer and choreographer Jenn Goodwin. The Movement Movement, an art movement about movement, 'runs with art' by running institutional space. The Movement aims to connect through movement the world‘s art institutions by running them, one kilometer at a time.  The Movement Movement ran the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art in 8 Kilometers, ran City Hall (twice!) in 5 Kilometers on lunch break, and ran the Royal Ontario Museum with 300 members of the public in spring 2007. Jessica Rose is the former Art Director/Curator for the Drake Hotel . She is one of the co-organizers of Nuit Blanche produced by the City of Toronto, and curated My Secret City for the all night contemporary art thing.


IMAGE: Jenn Goodwin
Jenn Goodwin is from Burlington Ontario where she fell out of a window of a speeding car and walked away. She grew up playing with Barbie listening to Black Sabbath, hosting make out partiesin her parent’s basement, and falling in love weekly. With all due respect, she ached to get out. She received a BFA at Concordia University in Contemporary Dance with a minor in Video, and was at once thrilled and horrified by the amount of rolling around on the floor. Inspired by story telling, humour, discomfort, beauty, death, pop culture and raw energy, her dance work is performed all over Canada, NYC, Amsterdam and Brussels (www.turbobonz.com). In 2006, she was nominated for the KM Hunter Award in dance. In addition to choreographing music videos and commercials, her short dance films screen in festivals in across Canada, in NYC and Europe and broadcast on Bravo, Channel 4 (UK) and the Sundance Channel (US).With Sarah Doucet she is one half of STUTTER Dance who's work is performed both indoors and outdoors and is based in intense physicality from the playful to the severe. With Jessica Rose, she is also one half of The Movement Movement -  which is a movement ....about movement. The Movement Movement runs with art by running art galleries and museums. She also programs art and performances for the City of Toronto, including Nuit Blanche.


IMAGE: Lewis Kaye
Lewis Kaye has a longstanding fascination with sound, technology,
and culture, an interest expressed through both critical enquiry and creative practice. His current work explores, adapts and transforms live soundscape recordings, and has been prepared for theater, media installation, audio CD, 5.1 video and live 2-channel and multichannel performance. His 2006 project You Are Here was commissioned as the official audio guide podcast for the City of Toronto's first Nuit Blanche, and is currently working on TorontoTransit Soundscapes, a Canada Council-funded mobile sound project. Both involve the creation and web-based distribution of site-specific binaural soundtracks for mobile MP3 players. Lewis is a Ph.D. candidate in Communication and Culture at York University in Toronto, where he studies the relations between sound, space, and social power, and works as a freelance new media educator and technician.


IMAGE: Nick de Pencier
Nick de Pencier is a director, producer, and director of photography working in performing arts, documentary, and dramatic film. He is President of Mercury Films Inc., his Toronto based production company.

After making short films while at McGill University in the late 1980s,
he moved to New York City and was a researcher for a number of documentaries for PBS. Back in his native Toronto, he spent several years working in production on feature films. He produced and directed the video segments and interviews for the CD ROM Understanding McLuhan, published by Southam/Voyager.

In documentary, he produced and photographed the documentary feature Let It Come Down: The Life of Paul Bowles which received a Genie nomination in 1998, a Banff Rockie nominationin 1999 and won the International Emmy Award for Best Arts Documentary in 1999. He also produced and photographed The Holier It Gets, a documentary filmed in Canada and India, which won Best Cultural and Best Independent Canadian Documentary at Hot Docs, 2000, and garnered Geminis for best writing, editing, and direction in a documentary series, as well as a nomination for The Donald Brittain award for best documentary and a nomination for a Chalmers Award in 2001. In 2002 he produced and shot the documentary: The True Meaning of Pictures about the work and world of Kentucky photographer Shelby Lee Adams, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and then Played at the Sundance Film Festival. It was nominated for two Gemini Awards and won in the Best Arts Documentary category. This was followed in 2003 by Hockey Nomad based on Dave Bidini’s best-selling book Tropic of Hockey about hockey in unlikely places around the globe which was nominated for a Banff Rockie Award, as well as three Geminis, and won the Best Sports Documentary Gemini. He has also recently co-directed, produced and photographed for the TVOntario, a series of 40 short profiles on artists who have received Ontario Arts Council grants over the past 40 years.

De Pencier was a producer resident in the Canadian Film Centre’s 1997 Producers’ Lab,and produced one of four Short Dramatic Films, Cold Feet, which was selected for the Toronto International Film Festival and the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, among others. He then produced The Uncles for the Feature Film Project, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2000, was picked up for distribution in Canada by Odeon Films, and named one of year’s top ten Canadian films by the Toronto International Film Festival Group. He was then Executive Overseeing Production on the successful Feature Film, Khaled.

As a cinematographer, de Pencier regularly shoots TV segments, modern dance, rock videos(Gord Downie, Skydiggers, Bob Wiseman), and documentaries. He has also directed, produced and photographed eight modern dance performance films which have received national and international broadcasts and won awards at Canadian and international festivals.The latest of these, Streetcar, was nominated in 2004 for a Performing Arts Best Direction Gemini; the film’s choreographer and lead, Peter Chin, won for Best Performance in a Performing Arts Program or Documentary. It was also nominated for a Banff Rockie Award.

In addition to producing Manufactured Landscapes, he is currently directing the High Definition feature documentary Four Wings and a Prayer, about the migration of the Monarch butterfly for Primitive Entertainment, and developing Act of God – a Feature documentary about the metaphysics of being struck by lightning.

Dean Baldwin lives in Toronto and is the Executive Director for the Ydessa Hendeles Art Foundation. He is a member of the Board of Directors for Gallery TPW and is represented by Katharine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects.