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Are you in one way or another a running enthusiast? If yes, you just landed at the most resourceful website you will come across today. If you are not an enthusiast- yet- you are in the right place to learn what you have been missing out on.

This site is dedicated to all matters running in Canada. It touches on some of the most demanding races and participation for both kids and adults. It puts together fun facts that will excite you and touches on the pride of Canadian running as well. This is done in dedicated sections to ensure you are well guided.

Top Canadian Marathons

Marathon running is a great phenomenon in Canada. When the summer sets in, everyone comes out to play and running forms a huge part of this. In this section, the most famous marathons in the country are highlighted. Get to learn what makes these races so popular, when and where they are held and if and how you can take part.

Top Canadian Ultramarathons

Did you know that you can go ultra with marathons? That is no doubt difficult to imagine given marathons are already demanding in their purest form. But Canadians are always willing to push limits with marathons that just don’t go beyond 42 kilometers but also deliberately seek to make the terrain even tougher.

Learn about the bets of these super marathons in this section. These are races that will require participants to dig from their deepest reserves of energy and resolve.

Famous Canadian Runners

There are athletes who have played a key role in making running popular in Canada. There are those that had exemplary performances on the track, while others doubled it up with a lifestyle that made them national icons.

Such stars deserve recognition and respect and that is what this section seeks to offer. Do not be in the dark; get to know about Canadian running icons here.

Obstacle Course races in Canada

Running races can be tough without necessarily being too long. This can be achieved by having obstacles introduced in the running paths, such as hanging courses and actual walls. This section is dedicated to this special aspect of running that is getting increasingly popular in Canada. Get to know how you can take part in some of these obstacle course races.

Ten Must-Run Races in Canada

When all is said and done, there are those races that should just make part of your bucket list. Different races offer different incentives. Some are popular for the fun and social interaction, others for the challenge and yet others for the cause they seek to promote. This section puts together and all-round list of races you should not miss out on in your running days.

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