10 Must Run Races in Canada

Canada is known to host a large number of racing events. These races contain some of the most exciting moments in life. Here are some of the races in Canada you should make a point of taking part in some time.

10. Half Corked Marathon in Oliver, British Columbia

This is a one km race which is designed for enjoyment. The area is surrounded by beautiful scenery. The competition gives people a chance to sample the local food, as there are several stations within its course.

9. Melissa’s Road Race

This is an uphill and downhill kind of race, as it is in the Rockies. This event has a 10 km and a 22 km race. The race has beautiful views along its route. All runners are awarded for finishing the race.

8. Yukon River Trail Marathon

This race contains the half and full marathon. One is allowed to bring friends to participate in a marathon relay. The race starts and also ends at Whitehorse. The competition has its route mostly along the Yukon River.

7. Royal Canadian Air Force Run

This race features the half marathon, 10000 m, and a 5000 m race. Finishers are awarded a medal courtesy of the Royal Air Force.

6. Staircase Challenge: Quebec City

This is a steep 19 km race with an option of 13 km. The race takes runners through the staircases which link the upper and the lower part of Quebec City. The race has around 3000 stairs.

5. Louisbourg Race Through Time

This race covers a total of eight miles and is considered to be more of a historic run. This is due to its route through the historic park and town.

4. Fredericton Beer Run

It usually is a six km or 12 km race. Runners get a chance to quench their thirst by tasting a number of the area’s excellent brews. Runners are given a beer stein in place of a medal.

3. Beat Beethoven Run

Runners are given the challenge to finish the eight km race inside 50 minutes. There is also a four km fun race for those who do not feel well equipped for the full challenge. There are spectators lined up at the Confederation Park where the race begins and also ends.

2. Not Since Moses Race

This is a 10km race with a five km option which crosses through the Bay of Fundy when the tides are out. The competition gives runners a great view of the beautiful scenery.

1. Cape to Cabot, St. John’s

This is a 20 km race. The race boasts a three km flat terrain. It has a route passing through two historic parks and four significant climbs.

There are some of the races which you need to tick off before your knees run out of steam.