Top Canadian Ultra Marathons

Ultramarathon races are those that have obstacles through the course and rough terrain. These marathons often cover a distance more than the usual 42 kilometers. The venues for these races are mostly in mountainous places and areas with adverse weather conditions. Canada has a number of ultra-marathons. Some of the marathons there are explained below.

Canadian Death Race

The foot race is a 125 km race which takes place within Canada. Athletes pass through Rocky Mountains that are located Grande Cache, Alberta. The ultramarathon was established in 2000. Through its course, the Canadian Death Race has a river crossing, three mountain summits, and amazing elevation of 17,000 feet.

It is an annual marathon held in August. In 2010, it was named The North Face Canadian Death Race. This was because of the title sponsor as often happens when races are sponsored by big name brands such as Party Casino but ‘North Face’ was later removed in 2014. In 2000, 193 participants were present during its launch. In 2010 there were 1000 marathoners from all over the world. The first woman who won the marathon was Alissa St Laurent in 2015 with a time of 13:53:35.

Squamish 50

The Squamish 50 is a 50 km marathon that involves running through mountainous terrain. It is a Canadian marathon where athletes ascend steep mountains. There is also the 50 mile and 23 km events. The record time for the 50 km race is 4:55:08 for Adam Campbell and 5:20:39 for Ellie Greenwood. The 23 km race record is at 1:43:49 for Brendan Hunt and 1:55:33 for Anne-Marie Madden. Colin Miller is a five-time finisher for the 50/50 race of the Squamish 50.

Beaver Flat 50

It is an ultramarathon event held in Canada that involves 50 km, 20 km, 10 km, and 5 km races. It takes place in September and is characterized by hilly surfaces, rocks, bushes, and also water. It takes place on the Canadian Prairie. About 2.3 km of the race is on an elevated place making it tough. Very narrow animal trails are used for racing.

Tour du Lac Bromine

The race is located in Knowlton, Quebec, Canada. It is Canada’s oldest race and it recently celebrated its 40th year. The marathon attracts a large number of participants. The race is very friendly since its distances are short and include 2km, 4.5km, and 9km. The race allows participants to run with their pets.

Broken Goat

The Broken Goat ultramarathon is a race that goes through mountainous places. There is the 50km race and also a 1 km race that favors children. This makes it a family event since everyone is catered for in the race. There is also a 25 km and 12 km race in the Broken Goat ultramarathon.